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(1) Contact us to setup an in home design consultation.                                  Rates are $39.00hr or get system package price.


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(2) We  design a system based upon your needs.  It is our goal to give the customer the most performance per dollar, so please create a budget for us to build a solution.


(3) We email the proposal to you with options to move forward.


(4) We install your system. You dance and eat popcorn—life is good!





21 years of hands on experience.

Control 4 certified

16yrs of electronics classes & seminars

Audio cable and speaker engineering

Designer of Audio Envy patent-pending products

Aesthetic designer, musician, studio engineer.

Home—building construction methods.

2 million dollars in general liability insurance.

$4,000 dollars in onsite trade-specific tools, cables, and specialty parts.




Tips to getting the job done cost effectively.

Provide close parking.

Clean work area.   Place pets elsewhere.

Whether remolding or new, plan ahead and keep us informed.

We make it easy, when given the right information!