Pure Copper RCA, 4pk.

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True Audiophile Performance!



Four pack of pure Copper RCA’s.

The conductors of this RCA are made from tellurium copper, achieving 95%+ Conductivity.  Compare this to most connector material at only 25% conductivity.

Coated with a thin layer of gold for anti-corrosion. Optimized low mass, 1.3 capacitance design. The use of these RCA connectors increases the accuracy of electrical transfer, therefore the fidelity of sound.

The tension of this connector when fitting onto the female RCA is among the best I have worked with. It slides on smooth, snug’s up, and slides off without damaging your equipment. This is because the barrel is not made out of metal, but yet an elastic polymer.

Scratches on the surface of the pin can appear. (This is normal with copper.)  Tellurium Copper’s (TelCu) resistance to hydrogen embrittlement combined with its’ high electrical and thermal conductivity make it the ideal choice for electrical applications requiring machining and corrosion resistance.




Opening for Cable: 8.5mm with insert / 10.3mm insert removed.

Outer width:


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