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LEGuitar is a limited edition guitar cable! it possesses several of the build characteristics as the live-instrument. The difference in sound is due to a low frequency variable induction filter, created by the passive cable design. It is a gentle filter that starts below 20 Hz and smoothly extends to about 60 Hz. Benefits increase the speed of speaker response and reduce conflict with other instruments. In testing the shorter versions of 14ft LE, the guitar had a very pleasant feathered sound, clean with a hint of euphoria.


  • Tensile Strength = 273lb break,  proir elongation.
  • Capacitance; Leads= 6pf,   Average=10pf  Shield=15.6
  • Dielectric Constant 1.3  W/ ultra low EMI


Audio Envy cables are optimized for the direction of signal flow.  When selecting the connectors, the source is where the signal starts, and the destination is where the signal flows-> to.



  1. Proprietary Conductor, with calculated RCL, each conductor transfers the signal with higher efficiency.
  2. Highly pure OCC copper removes grain boundaries that cause signal distortion. Sealed with anti-corrosion technology.
  3. Low-D Fiber insulates every conductor, measuring at a 1.3 dielectric. Increasing propagation of velocity, decreases interference.
  4. Dense-copper shield, that is carbon coated over extremely fine threads, allows for 100% coverage.
  5. Outer jacket allows the cable to be lighter and more flexible then extruded PVC. It looks great and reduces the friction when pulling beside another tacky surface.
  6. Optimized signal flow is the cleanest path, to avoid reflection.
  7. Gold-plated copper connectors is the closest in conductivity to the base metal of brass/copper. Other metal combinations have displayed signal error.
  8. Protective memory allows the cable to be protected yet very flexible. Avoids kinks and offers built in strain relief.



See our “How to care for your cable” link for ownership details.


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