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Cinnamon Pepper-II is our high-fidelity low-noise Microphone cable. The only professional XLR cable to utilize dielectric fiber and OCC copper. Our ultra low EMI geometry results in extensively low capacitance: of 7.3pF per foot leads.

Offering precision reproduction of detail, dynamic range, and a gracious sound-stage. The detail preserved by this cable allows you to hear each instrument with in its delicate placement. One A/B test with a typical cable and you’ll be astounded as to how much dynamic loss and high-frequency roll off can be avoided by using the Cinnamon Pepper cable-II.

Audio Envy cables are optimized for the direction of signal flow.  When selecting the connectors, the source is where the signal starts, and the destination is where the signal flows-> to.

Cinnamon Pepper-II is among the best (even multi-thousand dollar cables!). If it is your desire to produce authentic sound? Then Cinnamon Peppers high V.O.P. delivers a faster transient response, flat smooth sound, without the burden of peak resonance.




  1. Proprietary Conductors, with equal distance and spacing, each transferring the signal with maximum efficiency.
  2. Highly pure OCC copper removes grain boundaries that cause signal distortion. Sealed for life with our anti-corrosion technology.
  3. Low-D Fiber insulates every conductor, measuring at a 1.3 dielectric; decreasing electromagnetic  interference and increasing the speed of transfer.
  4. Outer jacket allows the cable to be lighter and more flexible then extruded PVC. It looks great and serves a higher electrical purpose.
  5. Optimized signal flow is the cleanest path for electron resistance.
  6. Gold-plated copper connectors is the closest in conductivity to the base metal of brass/copper. Other metal combinations have displayed signal error.

“Best Studio sound with mid level handling activity for live.”


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