O’nestian (Matched Pair)


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O’nestian is the balanced cable that I’ve been striving to build for 10 years!

It has the lowest R.C.L.P. filtration of any known XLR…

Cables have always been viewed as a point of loss. However my recent trials indicate three positive filtering effects that actually make the audio perform… Better?           Blasphemy!           OK Hear me out…

(Amplification=) Adding electrons to a signal is a known disruptive process. We can view the waveform violently shaking, however once the agitators are removed by O’nestian, the electron resolves into a calmer state. The second known is congested clumps of electrons; (heard as peak resonance.)  O’nestians conduction design promotes innate electron flow, while shifting resonance above 20k.

Sometimes what we hear isn’t necessarily lost, just presented out of linear order. O’nestian allows the original harmonics to align to it’s null position, because the electromagnetic field is no longer pushing it out of position. I know it’s a lot to think about! But how fun is it that you can actually plug this in, and prove me?

O’nestain is a complete audiophile approach based upon the science of how electricity works.  Every process of why I built O’nestian has a measurable explanation correlating to University grade physics!  What are you waiting for? The price is a steal!  O’nestian is the last upgraded XLR you will ever need to buy!


  1. Proprietary Conductors, with equal distance and spacing, each transferring the signal with maximum efficiency.
  2. Highly pure OCC copper removes grain boundaries that cause signal distortion. Carefully machined and designed for high VOP!
  3. Low-D Fiber insulates every conductor, measuring at a 1.3 dielectric; decreasing electromagnetic  interference and increasing the speed of transfer.
  4. Outer jacket allows the cable to be lighter and more flexible then extruded PVC. It looks great and serves a higher electrical purpose.
  5. Optimized signal flow is the cleanest path for electron resistance.
  6. Gold-plated copper connectors is the closest in conductivity to the base metal of brass/copper. Other metal combinations have displayed signal error.

AudioEnvy cables are optimized for the direction of signal flow.  When selecting the connectors, the source is where the signal starts, and the destination is where the signal flows-> to.




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