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2017 Alfie award winner at the Los Angeles audio show!

ToneKraft headphone cables are ultralightweight and flexible, offering the user greater comfort and management. The left and right leads are indicated and reinforced to improve durability.  Because there’s so many unique headphone connections we thought it would be easiest to offer a flat cable price.  On the final checkout page, there is a note section, simply describe your connector needs.  (Example:  4pin XLR  -> HD-800    For the HD-800s headphones.)

These are the connectors we stock on hand.

HD 800 – Sennheiser

HD 650 – Sennheiser

Utopia – Focal

2.5 mm TRS – Works with some HiFi-Man and others.

3.5 mm TRS

¼” TRS


If we do not stock the connector for your headphone or amp, you will need to supply us the exact connector model, place of online purchase, and wiring diagram. There is a $50 charge if you would like us to liaison.

Tonekraft is built upon the science of how electricity works. 10 years and 250+ prototypes have brought us to ToneKraft.  We removed 1900pF of signal altering capacitance, of which is present in many stock headphone cables as well as costly aftermarket cables!


“-The sound is so delicate and effortless with massive holographic depth!  I’ve tried all the big name cables and I have tried some very competent smaller cable brands,  and Tonekraft is now our ultimate reference champion.”  

1 review for ToneKraft Headphone cables

  1. Captain

    You cables are most certainly award winning! Detailed is an understatement and soundstage is HUGE.
    Absolutely phenomenal…thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
    I’ll be back for more.

    The ToneKraft Black connector has everything the Jumbo cable has plus more;
    Black has a great depth and bass (but not too heavy bass like the very first proto). Fat sound! Fantastic 3-dimensional sound picture and sound stage (Jumbo more flat)
    I think Black has a little higher sensitivity too, which is very good. Black has tiny bit more darker sound picture compare to Jumbo (because the added depth)
    but Black has a more balanced sound overall. I don’t think (and hope not) the black is loosing any treble and details. Requires more listening to tell. A masterpiece so far!

    Our previous favorite. Little thinner sound. Little bright and shiny compare to Black connector (with its added depth).
    Has very good soundstage too, but not as 3-dimensional as the Black!
    Jumbo is still excellent cable too.
    best regards
    – erik

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