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We can improve the level of audio quality.  Whether it is for a multi-million dollar facility to a humble home studio, live, or broadcast.

There’s a lot to sound reproduction, experience and great gear goes a long way, but the most cost effective solutions can elude the best of us.  Audio Envy has spent a lifetime discovering these limitations. We can help you get the results you want, a quicker turn around, and a means to create music on a convincing level of realism.

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Audio Envy is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We service the Front Range, from Denver to Cheyenne WY.






“I Think You Like Me Too Much” by Cyle Talley

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 “Playing originals as well as hits from today, yesterday, and tomorrow, Blu Simon will fill any venue with a high octane energy that will get people moving and leave them begging for more. It is hard to put into words what this act does, but once you see them you will understand and you will never look at live music the same again!!!  

Money-Music Video


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