Audio Demos

 Turn your speaker volume up:  (Dynamic sound)

High Rez sound:  If your connection is slow, hit pause to buffer file.


Clean Guitar:

(From pod cast) 1 AE Live-instrument cable /1 Cinnamon pepper III / 1 Studio Elite/1 Ocean Elite VS….. Mogami X 3


Cinnamon Pepper 3

Star-Quad Cable



Audio Envy Studio Elite

 IMG_3353   IMG_3359

Bass – Audio Envy Studio Elite


 SE - ins


Cymbals – Audio Envy Studio Elite vs. Mogami 

Audio Envy:


Mogami Clone Cable:


Can you hear a difference between 32bit and 16bit sound files?

32 Bit:


16 Bit:




-Experiment with the volume of your computer and speakers. 

IMG_1514 (800x533) IMG_1510 (800x663) IMG_1522 (669x800) (669x800) IMG_1516 (800x533)