AudioEnvy receives Alfie Award at Los Angeles Audio Show!

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LA AUDIO SHOW 2017 HANDS OUT INAUGURAL AWARDS LOS ANGELES — The Inaugural Los Angeles Audio Show awarded its first “Alfie” honors at a festive banquet on June 3rd, the middle day of the three-day event at LA’s Sheraton Gateway Hotel. Alfies were awarded in three categories: Best of: Personal Listening, Best of: Speakers, and Best […]

A/C Grounding

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Based upon measurements and listening tests, I have recommended to people to ground only one piece of their interconnected equipment.  The interconnects will provide static dissipation through their secondary ground connection.  They often look at me in extreme terror.😱  Apparently Wikipedia agrees with me. Their explanation below; A ground loop is the result of careless […]

Can you make my mix sound smaller?

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Can you make my mix sound smaller? How about more irritating? I really don’t like all that air between the instruments. -When you use anything less than an AudioEnvy cable, this is what you’re accidentally saying…. But don’t worry friend, we’ve got your fix! Message me today for 40% off CP!  

Happy Christmas

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Merry Christmas!🎄 We had excellent growth during 2016.  Thank you for your support!  

Built in strain relief for Audio Envy cable technology

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  AUDIO ENVY #1                                                   CONVENTIONAL DESIGN #2   The most common place for a cable to malfunction is where the wire meets the connector base. In a conventional design the […]