Magazine Review of Audio Envy NV-10 cable.




“AudioEnvy cables changed my belief in the difference cables make on sound.  I heard a track played through the same system on other high-end cables before I heard the same track on AudioEnvy cables.  That moment sold me.  I now only track with my AudioEnvy XLR and 1/4″ cables both in the studio and on-location.  It brings the sound I record to life.  AudioEnvy captures the truest sound I’ve heard.”


~Seth Schaeffer, Hoptocopter Films, film production company




I’m generally skeptical of claims from cable manufacturers, but one A/B test of Audio Envy cables convinced me of their superiority to normal cables. The sound through the normal cables was a recording; the sound through Audio Envy cables was music.

~Brian Kephart. Recording School grad. & Musician

Greenville College,Recording Workshop. “Maker of KepFX Pedals”




This cable could be compared to a high resolution digital camera.   You have the freedom to take a cutting edge picture of a Ferrier or 57’ Chevy.   You have the creative control to either maintain the production quality or use a filter to create a nostalgic feel.   On the other hand standard issue cables are more like a Polaroid camera, distortions and all, maybe it’s cool sometimes but you’re stuck with it all the time.

      ~Jay Campbell, Video production




The cables are simply awesome – I couldn’t believe the difference in the sound. The only adverse thing is a tad more stiffness,  I realize we have to live w/ that because of the increased copper wiring. My groups truly sounded incredible. Thank you so much – Merry Christmas!!!

       ~Sue Premer, Music Director

Vocal jazz ensemble for

Presidential inauguration




My quest for the perfect bass guitar tone is over.  No single piece of gear has ever delivered this much low frequency definition, growl, and superbly fast punch.   Impressed to say the least I am ready to PLAY AGAIN!

~B. Richards, Bass player




“Captain’s audio cables are amazing. When he first invited me to listen to them, I was pretty skeptical that they would make enough of a difference to be worth the trouble. But when I heard them in action, I was amazed. When he used the typical cables, it sounded good, but when he switched the cables, the sound seemed to leap out of the speaker and fill the room. It still baffles me that cables can make such a dramatic difference in sound quality.” March 27, 2012 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

                      ~Jery Payne, legislative lawyer & music lover





I have a set of old kef speakers that I figured were ready for a dirt nap.  Captain of Audio Envy recommended we try the NV-SP1 speaker cables and calibrate the system.  I am extremely pleased with the results and he saved me some coin.

D Michaels, Attorney & Movie fan





From two rooms over I could tell the sound was better.

                                ~Marla, Happy house wife.





Profoundly and ridiculously GOOD!

~Pat A. Home and Car Movie/Music enthusiast.


When I buy an audio product generally my evaluation of weather it’s good or not hinges on its ability to maintain desirable sound characteristics.  Does it compress, shrink and lower the dimensional foot print?   Or does it allow the sound to maintain its phase, harmonics and realism.  If it can accomplish a euphoric quality without disturbing fundamental qualities, it may become a desired recording tool.   Surprising enough the audio cable is rather underestimated in its ability to be exposed to the above. After making countless comparisons  I would not be under exaggerating if I said, the typical audio cable is on par with a crappy plug-in, a so-so preamp,  the el’ cheapo microphone.  Of which seems to catch more concern from today’s consumer.   Give the audio envy cables a try, a new understanding of sound quality awaits you.

~Arc mastering studio



Just to let you know, the sounds are robust and have a full feeling, it is kind of like trying to describe a wine–some words work, but the vocabulary has its limits.  It is quite different; I hear some bass sounds that seem to come out of nowhere, very subtle and interesting. I will keep ‘testing’ and keep you informed.

~Dr. Thomas J, Happy A.E. customer.




I have wasted so much time in my life with gear.  If only I found these cables 20 years ago. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

~ Steven stone, DJ





Eyes watering up with tears.

~Cathy N.  Lady with no former audio passion






Using the term accurate in the cable industry has been so overly misused and abused that I can hardly utter its font.   I could come up with many grand descriptions for AE cables.  Here is the improvements I found: cable strength, low-deformation, tangle resistant, Light weight, anti corrosive copper protection, and very flexible considering the size.   If you happen to notice that all you instruments and voice sound captivating and life like, I’m guessing that is a good thing to.

~Chuck the Audio Nut





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