Terms and Conditions

*IMPORTANT: Fill out your address with PAYPAL as well*

This Agreement is entered, as of today’s date, between Audio Envy, llc, and the purchaser.

Audio Envy, llc, offers a seven-year limited warranty on AE cables,  discounted or clearance cables offer a 90day limited warranty. five-year limited warranty on AE speakers to the original purchaser. Manufacturer warrants that products of Audio Envy, llc, are free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not include malfunction caused by accident, misuse, and contact with solvent chemicals, liquids, or inappropriate equipment. This warranty is voided if purchaser alters or tampers with the product or uses the product for any purpose other than that for which it is intended. Guidelines from our website of how to care for your cable and common sense should be followed. Warranty claims must have original receipt matching Audio Envy’s data system. Cable will be repaired, replaced, or refused at the sole discretion of Audio Envy, llc.

  1. Audio Envy, llc, owns the product designs, including patents and patent pending status.
  2. Purchaser agrees to use this product as the end consumer. Purchaser affirms not being affiliated with wire manufacturing and agrees not to manufacture or sell replications of Audio Envy, llc, cables and speakers, or any other product and trademark of Audio Envy llc,
  3. All information remains the property of the Audio Envy llc, who may use this information for any purpose without obligation to the purchaser. This agreement does not grant or imply any transfer of any rights in the information to the purchaser. Purchaser agrees not to use information or pictures of Audio Envy products with malicious intent to share trade secrets.
  4. Upon placing an order, purchaser agrees to pay the assigned price for product.
  5. Purchaser is responsible for the cost of shipping and reshipping if they fail to accept the package. Signature is required in person for purchases over $750.00, our seller and buyer protection plan is the same as Paypal and is allowed by meeting the terms of Paypal as the payment processor. Billing and shipping address must be the same as Purchasers Paypal account.  Shipping insurance is an additional cost that is not included in our flat rate ship fee.  We do not take responsibility for damage or theft incurred by shipping. The customer is responsible to request and make an additional payment for shipping insurance.
  6. Audio Envy is not responsible for any electrical, bodily, or environmental damaged caused by the consumer’s use of our products. All cables and electrical devices should be tested by consumer before use. Defective cables and speakers may damage connected equipment. Audio Envy, llc, tests cable and speaker continuity when manufactured, but we do not take responsibility for anything that happens after it leaves our factory.
  7. Audio Envy reserves the right to verify the price of purchase for mistakes before shipping.  In the event of a mistake Audio Envy shall notify purchaser of the correct funds owed or cancel sale and refund purchaser.
  8. Purchases made by media outlets or prospecting affiliate that forwards to media outlet must sign a separate review agreement; qualifying the reviewer to be competent and unbiased for the task.
  9. Audio Envy offers a 45 day return policy on most of our products. We offer you the ability to try one of each cable model, up to three model variations per order, to qualify for return.  Please understand our cables are custom made upon ordering; therefore higher quantity and repeating models are nonrefundable. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. RMA request is needed, a reachable customer telephone number. All returned products must be in excellent condition accompanied with receipt. Any damage will be deducted from the refund.
  10. If there is reason to believe that you have breached this agreement, Audio Envy may perform an investigation. This may include phone & online records, employment verification, credit reports, criminal history, motor-vehicle reports, and social security number trace reports. The check may include information from local, state, and federal agencies, and the files of insurance companies. You hereby authorize Audio Envy and its agents to conduct these investigations. You hereby release Audio Envy and our agents from any claim or liability arising from the release of these background checks and any other information to Audio Envy or its authorized agent. You agree to indemnify Audio Envy for any damages, including loss of future business profits, caused by the breach of this contract. You understand that these damages may be millions of dollars. If you breach this agreement, you also agree to pay attorney cost, court fees, and any other cost of enforcing this agreement or collecting damages.
  11. This agreement is the complete understanding of the parties concerning the subject matter and supersedes all prior proposals, agreements, representations and understandings. This agreement may not be amended except in a writing signed by both parties.